ANTI’S WEDDING: The 3rd Bride from English Department 2011 Class A


Happy Wedding Anti & Farhan

What a surprising news that someone who is the sweetest and smartest girl in class had a wedding. As I know, Anti is a kind person and she did not have any special relationship with a boy when she was in college. So, it is a surprising news and we’re really happy to hear that.

She held the wedding at the first of July when everybody was busy to gather with the family after the Eid Mubarak.  So, there is only a few from our class that attends her wedding. The special part was Anti and her husband using 'becak' to the mosque to do the ‘akad’. Moreover, from what I saw, 'akad' is the main scene from the wedding things, and I always ended up crying watching this scene.

Furthermore, I actually had a great reflection after attending her wedding. It is simple but warm. I looked many people who attend are actually hers and her husband family. It really felt that we became one of Anti’s family who was there for her.

Wefie with newlywed

A wife and wives-wannabe

Unfortunately, we did not spend a long time enough for her wedding since the place is far from Bandung and Ami did not feel very well. But we got some pictures as a reunion as always. 😁

We went back to Bandung and I had this statement came to mind. “Just get married and don’t feel stress about the party or inviting all of your friends from elementary school to workplace, because what important thing is their blessing for you”. Your friends will happy if you’re happy.

For you who still hesitate to get married because of everything, trust Allah. He leads you the way. By the way, this message is also for me. XoXo


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Anti Maharani

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