Hey, it’s been a long time that I wrote the last post. I am so sorry I cannot write often like the old days. It just because I have been busy right now. However, I have been thinking a lot about this blog and I have decided to write either in English or Bahasa. I just want to let my writing flow like a water in the river (?). So yeah, don't be mad if I mix those language in my post. See you in the next post 😉



  1. Hey !
    So you're busy in about last three months ? So am I (*haha)
    Sure sister, you may use either English or Bahasa ! And even French (if you are able to) hehe.. Because, please.. I feel exhausted to arrange the words in language I don't understand well.. *begging you* So, I'm extremely happy if you write the post in Bahasa, or you can mix them up :)

    Make this blog alive and becomes part of you, or may be you can promote it on your social media, or something more professional, I bet you can do that. You could be a talented story-teller if you constantly write every particular things into this blog. And I'm glad to read them.

    In the end, please forgive me for commenting and haunting your blog



    1. There you are... again. Haha.
      Good, because I already posted some of my writings using Bahasa. You should read all of them, okay?

      "In the end, please forgive me for commenting and haunting your blog". You don't have to apologize, I am glad you read my posts and leave comments. I am waiting for your next comment, and I hope it's good which is always good.


  2. Sure sist ! I read them all !
    I've read your post about movie review entitled "Get Out". And I'm interested to watch that movie.So your writing affects me so much, triggered me to watch movie, go to some place, try something, and so on and so on.

    I think you have a potential talent to be a professional writer or may be story-teller. If you're busy with your work (I really understand that you must be a busy woman), try to take a vacation, relax your body and mind during weekend or holiday !

    1. Tell me if you have watched it, and I have some list of movies that I want to review, so stay tuned! hehe.

      Thank you so much.. again.. for your compliments and I hope my writings will always trigger you to do something new, in a good way of course. haha. And your suggestion for me to take a vacation, I will think about that for sure.

      Have a nice day by the way :)


    2. I think I found something interesting here, in your precious blog. Somehow it's just only you and me who have a conversation, seems more like an instant messaging or chat apps :)

      But forget that anyway. Yep. You are affecting me in a good way of course, and may be you need a partner to write the article together ! That would be fun ! fill your day, your free time, enjoy the coffee or tea while writing and typing something about your life , or the movie you like, the place you visited, anything.

      I have a blog too, but I can't, I'm stupid at arrange the words to become such valuable paragraphs. I'm bad at story telling, but I'd love to give advice or may be critics to someone else's writings. Haha, weird obviously.

      May be you want to invite your (close) friends to leave some note, comment, or any digital footprint on your blog. Or, we can share our blogs each other, connect us in a such uncommon way. Not instagram, not facebook, nor twitter. :)

      May be that's all from me. Gud Nite :)

      Sincerely Yours,



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