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There is one game that I am so addictive to it. It is very simple game and probably would fit to someone who like reading. When the first time I tried this game, I just totally fall for it, because this game is what I have been looking for. The very simple game that I can enjoy spending time with. There are three points that I love so much from this game. They are the story, the visual and the characters.

This picture shows the first time you enter to Choices game.
The genres in Choices and you can see it has The Freshman Books.

    When you try to play it first, you are given varieties of books with varieties of genre that you want to play with. They are the freshman (Romantic), Rules of engagement (Romantic), the crown and the flame (Fantasy), the haunting of Braidwood manor (mystery) and etc. I chose the freshman since it was on the top and has many parts. Since now, the freshman have 3 books. One book consist of 17-19 chapters. When I chose the freshman and began to play a game, I was introduced to the story that the freshmen would experience. They would face love, friendship and assignment, of course, because I experienced those things and I felt that this story is real. I always felt excited when I finished one chapter and was dying to wait the next chapter (every chapter is using 1 diamond. If you ran out the diamonds you have to wait for 2 hours to get 1 diamond for free).

In the first time you play The Freshman Book. You have to choose your face, your hair and your outfit. (Sorry I didnt take the example of the face.

     Another thing that makes me amazed is the visual of the characters and the places. It is so real and beautiful. Moreover, the place can show us the feel that usually comes up. Actually, one place become the specific place for specific character. Every character also have a lot of charm. Even though they are only appear in this game, but I do have a feeling for them. Lol. At first you have to make your own character, from the name, the face, the hair and the outfit. It reminds me of The Sims but then I knew that this game is supported by Electronic Arts. So, it is obvious why it reminds me of The Sims.

Chris looks like Chace Crawford. It's obvious.
James looks like Michael B. Jordan. What do you think?
Last, Kaitlyn. She is beautiful, but I dont know who is celebrity that looks like her.

    When you play the freshman you will be given three characters that you can choose to be your love. They are Chris, James and Kaitlyn. Chris is someone hot who just bumped you in your first day. For me, he totally looks like Chace Crawford. At the first day, I totally fell in love with him and I wanted him to be my lover. However, if you date a hot guy in college, there will be miss popular who against you and him together. Second, there is James. He is from a high-class family. He is totally mature and very kind. Many people said that he looks like Michael B. Jordan. The last is Kaitlyn. She was your best-friend until she confesses that she likes you. For me, I would rather her to be my best friend forever, because she is so kind and she always there for you. Well, it’s up to you to choose your lover.

    Therefore, I really recommend this game for you. Just for you who like stories, oke. Since it is very simple game, I think it doesn’t suit to a hard gamer who like playing arcade or RPG. So, tell me if you have played this freshman book okey ;)

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  1. Si! Tienes muchísima razón. La historia es muy hermosa y entretenida (voy en el libro 4 capítulo 7) lo único que se usan mucho diamantes para poder confirmar alguna accióny los personajes son adorables ( es mut guapo Zig pero tengo a Chris a mi lado). El juego es increible ;)


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