MOVIE REVIEW: A Surgeon in YONGPAL vs A Psychiatrist in IT’S OKAY THAT’S LOVE


I don’t know if it is a trend to make the main lead in the dramas as a doctor, because I have seen so many dramas that the main lead is a doctor, such as Descendant of the sun, Doctor Strange and another two Korean dramas in this post-title. It is a good though, because it can persuade the audience, especially teenager to become a doctor. Yup that’s the one of good points that I got from watching Yong pal and IOTL (It’s okay that’s love). Although Yong pal and IOTL have a doctor as the main lead, they have a different majors of doctors that influence to the story of the drama itself. Therefore, there are three points that I got to compare who is the best, a surgeon or a psychiatrist.

First point is what is bad from those Korean Dramas. Let I explain first about Yong pal. A surgeon in Yong pal is a handsome guy named Yong Pal (Joo Won) who fall in love with his beautiful and rich patient Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee). I love how the story goes. He falls in love with his patient who is actually the owner of many companies including the hospital that he works. So many problems appear which the problems are not only focus on the love he had with her, but mostly about the revenge of Yeo Jin. However, it gets really boring when it goes to last four episodes, when You Jin finally standing up against her brother. It seems that the movie is not about the greatest surgeon anymore which is really boring.  Different with IOTL, from the first episode until the last episode, it shows the problem that occur and what psychiatrist must do with that problem. The problem and the storyline are really relevant with the main lead as the psychiatrist. However, what I don’t like from this movie is that from the 1st until 9th episode, the doctor as the main lead is really annoying. If she was real in real life, I probably would throw her from the bridge.

Second point is what is good from them. Both of them have the main lead as a doctor. From those movies, I believe so many people who watch and like the drama will have an interest to become a doctor even though it is only a little. I also have that feeling. A feeling that wants to help and save other people’s life. Become a doctor is my dream since I was in high school. However, my destiny speaks differently, and if I have to choose to be a surgeon or a psychiatrist, I would chose to be a surgeon, because I prefer to cut open the human’s body. Lol. Another good thing that I can take is come from IOTL. It shows us a true love, a true chemistry between a couple, and how they solve their problems. It seems mainstream, but it’s different. The partner from the main lead is really patient, loveable, charming and successful person. They are just like a jigsaw that complete to each other. 

Third point is how the ending brings my emotion up. For Yong pal, I totally loved how the movie started, but when it went to the ending, I hate it. I hate the ending that You Jin is not dead (even she is the main lead, she is too evil. I prefer Yong Pal loses his love than live with her) and there are still some scenes that I did not understand. There is a question in my mind for this Yong pal movie. For IOTL, I felt all emotions in the ending, but the important is I smiled while watching the last episode. Love it so much. I did not expect that it would be so sweet.

Therefore, from three points that I mention above. I will go to A PSYCHIATRIST. Lol. Yup it is ‘It’s Okay That’s Love’ that have the best story-line and can make the audience cry and laugh at the same time. From this movie, I also learn that everybody must have traumas in their life that affect to their mental health. However, who can cure them from their sickness is not the doctor but them. That is what I learn. So, if I must have given them a rating, there you go:

Yong Pal = ★★    It's Okay That's Love = ★★★★

So, what do you think? Do you guys agree with me? 😁

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  1. Same here, so much love for IOTL, thank you for writing this review :))

    1. Hey Regina, nice 2 meet u. Do u know me ? :)
      May be you don't . :|
      Btw, I know u

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