What do you think if a leader from a great boy band is dating with a leader from a great girl band? It’ll be like THE LEADERS UNITE! PERFECT! AWESOME! I have become Taeyeon fans since I was in Junior High School and since Taeyeon debuted Gee song with her best girl group GIRLS GENERATION. She is really beautiful and charismatic and I have told you in a very beginning post how I love her. What about GD? Well, I have mentioned him, you can check it in the recent post title Big Bang. I am so in love with him, like right now. Well actually it all began in MAMA 2015.

    I heard this rumor in the beginning of 2016. When I went to the work office world, I didn’t have time to watch MAMA 2015, and I didn’t have time search what is going on. Suddenly, I opened Facebook and there was a news from allkpop said that GD and Taeyeon have been dating. It is shown from how GD imitate Taeyeon’s cute face. It is like they have something.

    When the rumor spread over the world, the two entertainments denied the rumor. Yup, like we know YG entertainment never have their singers collaborate to SM entertainment singers. It is like they are a big rival. So, when their gold singer is rumored with a singer from their rival, they will say NO. It will be a big hit if GD and Taeyeon are real, and no doubts they will become a powerful couple.

    When the rumor spread, GD and Taeyeon always post the same thing. You can see at the images below:

    I know, everybody can post the same thing, because it is too common with that filters in snapchat. However, because they are in a rumor, everybody who sees them will become “Is Taeyeon using the same filter like GD post? OMG!” or “Oh My God they use the same outfit!” or “OMG THE SAME CAPTION!” Everything is possible.

    However, we as their fans pray for their best. If it is only a rumor, not a real one, we have to be opened. We have to support them like VIP and SONE. Loyalties to the end. No matter what happen to them, we have to support them. No matter if GD is dating another woman, and Taeyeon is dating another man, we have to support them because that is what fans do. Support them till the ends and let’s hope for the best ^_^


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