Yuri and Young Kwang in Gogh, The Starry Night.


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Have you ever watch this drama? This drama has only 4 episodes. The main casts are Yuri from Girls Generation, and Kim Young Kwang who are always play as a sidekick in many dramas. Fortunately, he can act as the main lead in this drama and I really really love with his act. For you who wondering the story of this drama, well I tell you a little bit. The story tells about the problem who appear in the workplace. Yuri who play as Go Ho are surrounding with men in the office. They are her ex-team leader, her ex-boyfriend who become her current team leader, her hoobae who replace her when she moves to other team, her colleague and the director of the company she works.

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    What I love from this drama is the act from the main lead, Yuri and Young Kwang. I know that Yuri has sexy and sensual image in her girl band, Girls Generation. However, in this drama, she can act like an innocent person. Moreover, she did the ugly face which makes her look so cute. For Kim Young Kwang, he always act as nice and kind person. Who always smile in front of the woman that he likes. However, in this drama, he played as the evil team leader, or the cool and handsome type of man. If this character is real in the real life, well maybe all women will fall in love with him, because I do love his character in this drama, the usual type of main lead in drama Korea. Who doesn’t? Furthermore, I also love his style in this drama. You can tell that he is good to be the main lead of the drama.
Look how cute they are. I ship them now :)

    Moreover, the conflict that appears in this drama can be solved only for 4 episodes. Lol. The problems that appear is also not that heavy. I mean, it is very simple and the director do not take such a long time to solve it. Just like in the reality. A drama that make me giggle and laugh, it is good to be watched when you are leisured. So, take your break time to watch this beautiful short drama :)

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