How many are your friends? How many are your best friends? For me, well I can count them with my finger. Lol. I am not the one that have many friends in High School. Well I actually get most of best friends when I was in college. However, there are two girls who accompany me through the joy in Junior High School, the sadness in Senior High School, the fear in college and the anger in the office work. They are Nova and Fenti.


Nova and Fenti are my best friend since we were in Junior High School. We have many in common. First, we like High School Musical, Narnia and Harry Potter which make us wanted to become Hollywood Stars. Lol. When many girls were busy finding a good looking Junior High School Boy, we were having crush with Zac Efron, Skandar Keynes, William Moseley, Daniel Radcliff and Rupert Grint.


    Second, we said NO for having a date with a local boy. So, it is obviously that we in Junior High School never go out with boys. Actually it is a good sign. Therefore, we totally a pure straightforward girls. However, we broke the rule when we went to Senior High School. The story is a secret. Ssshhhht.

Me and Fenti yeaarsssss agoooo~

Me and Nova not long ago

    Third, we always appreciate and understand each other. Therefore, we never mad to each other. Even though we rarely to meet, we still friends. Even though Nova and Fenti have their new best friends, we still need each other. Even though we rarely talk, we understand the busy schedules of each other.

Us... Now

    The thing is we should give our friends support. Because no matter how far the distance between you and your best friends are, and no matter how often you and your best friends talk, they always and will be your best friend until the afterlife. I believe that.

Furthermore, since days ago and weeks ago are your birthdays, I made (I guess) a stop motion. Hope you like it girls. Because honestly, I confused to choose the gifts for you. Therefore, I made this. Lol. Stay Happy and Awesome Girls. :*

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