23 Oktober 2016

Stuck. (weheartit.com)

    Do you sometimes feel empty? Lonely? Or unsatisfied for everything? I do feel that recently. I don’t know what to do. Maybe it is because I do not do something beneficial for my own life or for many people. My activities are only going for work and lying in bed in weekend. I don’t have many activities. It is boring, isn’t it? My life is boring, not amazing.

    Usually, I always have something positive in mind. For example, if something bad happen to me, I just search for the positive side for me. But right now I cannot search that positive side. Well okey I can see the positive side that I have a job, I have money and I have a family.  However, I don’t really like my job. It is because I don’t feel fair anymore in my office. I have money, but I cannot spend my money for my interest, because I still care for my own life. My money is not that much, so I cannot but anything that I want from that money. And my family? Well they are great, but I haven’t make my parents happy. Therefore, I must work hard so that my parents, my brothers and my sister can be happy and they can get whatever they want.

    I know I just feel silly. It is because I just share this feeling to my best friend, Nova. She really knows my feeling. We both had a conversation about this topic like many times. We both know that we should change our attitudes and behavior towards everything so we can be success in this life.

    When we were in Junior high school we always had a dream to become a Hollywood celebrities.  I wanted to be like Vanessa Hudgens and she wanted to be like Emma Watson. But now, none of us become what we want. So sad. Well I got so pessimistic. Why am I pessimist? I don’t know. I hope in the future I can be whatever I want to be. Amin.



  1. I feel the same way too!! And too bad that no one understand :( I hope we'll find the way~

    1. We will find the way! We must! Fighting Nov! We are all in this together.

  2. Sorry I read this post and I found you were really sad. What happen? You have a job right? And I guess you have a boyfriend too, and obviously he's working in a company. Why don't you feel happy? I suggest you have a cup of coffee or maybe you can have a couple of your favorite chocolate, beng-beng, remember that? You should enjoy your life, it's a gift.

    1. Thank you so much for your concern, it just probably I was in the phase that I also did not know what happened to me. Fortunately, I am fine right now. Yipee :D. A cup of coffe and beng-beng are totally the best!.


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