Ami’s Wedding : The 1st Bride from English Department 2011 Class A

English Department of Polban Class A

January 23, 2016 was the day for my friend Ami (Fauzia Muharami) to get married. She is my best friend when we were in Polban. What funny is that she and I studied in the same school since Junior High School but we did not know each other. Until in college we met and talked for the first time. Ami has been in relationship with her boyfriend, Iyung (Juliano Trismoyoseno) for 5 years and finally they brought their relationship to a beautiful wedding. What I amazed from their wedding is from the decorations and of course the catering.

Bulog's building (

Bulog's building (
There is a mosque inside the area of Bulog (

    Ami’s wedding held in Bulog’s / Graha Sativa building. It is located in Jl. Soekarno-Hatta, Buahbatu, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40286, Indonesia. What I like about the location is near from the main road. Therefore, if you do not know where the building is, you still can find this building. Moreover, you do not have to worry if you bring your car, because this building has parking lot that quite big. When the first time I came into the building, I like the decoration inside. It was showed that this wedding is elegant.  Therefore, this building can be your reference for your wedding also.

Screen shoot from luthfarcatering ig. Ami and Juliano's wedding
Screen shoot from luthfarcatering ig. Ami and Juliano's wedding
Screen shoot from luthfarcatering ig. Ami and Juliano's wedding

    The best from the best of Ami’s wedding is the catering. There are so many variety of the foods and deserts that you can eat. Moreover, the taste of the foods are incredible. If you curious who is responsible for the great foods, go and check out the Instagram -->  luthfarcatering. I recommend this catering to you for your amazing wedding.

    Apart from what I mention above, the thing that makes this wedding unforgettable is I can meet my colleges. We rarely meet because we take different path after graduation. Some of them have a job outside town, and some of them continue their study. But because our classmate had a wedding, we finally gathered to celebrate her.

    Ami, we pray for you so you will become as beautiful as now in everyone’s eyes, especially in your husband’s eyes. Always healthy and always patient, because life after married is surely not a straight path that does not have any barriers. Obviously, you and your husband will face many barriers and you have to keep a good work as a team with your husband. You are surely know this, because you already passed 5 years with him before you married. Be happy and stay strong. I hope we can hang out like we did when we were in college. So much love from me xoxo :*

Oh ya I make video about it, hope you'll like it. Sorry for taking a long time to make this video XD. Enjoy!



  1. Wah mpit. suka suka.. Makasih banyak ya mpit sampe dibikinin yg gini

    1. Gapapa kok iyung. V juga suka bikin yang kaya gini. Makasih yaaah.. Seneng kalian ikut seneng sama apa yang v bikin .heheheh. Salam peluk buat ami yaaa :)


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