What women really like to get from their partners? A romance in daily activities.

Sweet Couple in W Drama Korea (www.soompie.io)

Today, because I have something in mind about romance after I watched W (Korean drama series), I will write it without thinking much. So, if you think why I have so many grammatical error or this topic is totally nonsense, I really sorry. But, I just think that there are many kind of women in this world and I think every women want to be cared by their partner. Men should read this:

1.    Give her your sincere smile
That kind of smile, you know. <3 (www.koreanbeans.com)

Smile is the little thing that can change something big. For example, if you had a bad day and you just saw a child passing you and he gave you with his sincere smile, at least you will feel peace in your heart. Don’t deny it. I have experience. Lol. If you see your woman is frustrating or something bothering him. Just give her your sincere smile and ask her what happened. Then, listen carefully to her. Women sometimes are scary if they know you do not listen to them.

2.    Always hold her hand

You want to keep your woman safe, right? Don’t make her walk alone (in case it is urgent), because the truth is she wants you to hold her hands while you two are walking. Why? Because she feels safe in your arms. If you are rare holding her hands, no wonder if someone else is holding her hands, making her more comfortable. Your choice

3.    Give her a sudden kiss
Sudden kiss. Look at her eyes! totally surprised.

Women really like something that surprising them. It can be anything, such as a surprise party, a surprise gift, and a surprise kiss. Why it must be kiss? I do not need a kiss! I need money!. Lol. So, what do you thinking about this? Well, this sudden kiss is especially for you who have you partner in life. Because I watch many Korean Dramas or Soap opera or TV Series. I can conclude that women like a sudden kiss. Maybe because it is sweet and it shows the love from men to their women. :p

I love romantic things, because sometimes when I watch romantic movies, I can feel something different. Something that makes my heart beats so fast. I know it is too hyperbola, but it feels real to me. By the way, make sure your husband, your boyfriend read this! Then, they will treat you nicer :p or I hope they have already done that. Stay Happy all :*

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