The Shallows Wallpaper
Last month, September was a month that I watched so many movies and gladly that all the movies are great and worth to watch. I put them in the list of my review. So, probably this week I will post about movies review. First of all that I want to share is ‘THE SHALLOWS’ movie. The first time I saw this poster I was interested to watch it. It is because (sorry I made it a little subjective) I like the main cast in the movie. Yes! The main cast is Blake Lively who is more well-known from her act in TV Serial : Gossip Girl. This beautiful woman is also a partner life of Ryan Reynolds. With her beautiful face she can hypnotize the audience to always focus on her. Furthermore, I have another 3 reasons why it is become my recommended movie to you all.
Blake Lively. Look how beautiful she is. 

Blake and Ryan. What a great couple.

First,  the director of this movie is Jaume Collet-Serra, who always direct  great thriller-action movies, such as House of Wax, Orphan, and many more. He can bring the tension of the audiences up by the scenes that he make. I tell you that the plot in this movie is really simple and predictable but he makes us want to sit down to watch the movie until its end. Therefore, although we can predict the ending but we will waiting for the great scenes happen in this movie.

Second, the view and how the camera get the scenes are amazing. From the title you can guess that it is in the shallows, beach, sea, and something like that right? Well I am not to be spoiler to you that haven’t seen the movie. lol. But, yea well it is placed in something like that and ‘something like that’ is beautiful, wonderful and amazing. The camera also take the scenes where Blake Lively surfing and how she passing the waves. The camera also takes many scenes under the water and the result are so clean. It feels that you are relaxing your eyes while watching the movie.
Love this scene.

Third, you can watch this movie with your family. I always have a fear when watching west thriller movie with my family, because most of them always have adults content and what fear me most is sex scenes. How can you share a great thriller movie with your family when you know that it is have adults content. However, this movie is totally out of the content that I fear. My little brother, Irgi who is just 8 years old, really like whales and sharks. When I told him that I found a great movie with a great shark in it, he directly watched the movie and played over and over the scenes that show the shark. Therefore, you do not have to worry to see this movie with your family.

Well, in my perspective this movie is great to be watched. You can enjoy your eyes with great scenes in this movie while hugging your daughter, son or spouse in the weekend. Why weekend? Because it is  like a quality time with your loved ones, right? This movie also can be a motivation for you who cannot swim (just like me) lol. So many good reasons to watch this movie, but the important thing is do what you love. Be happy all :*

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