Another movie that I watched last weekend is Me Before You. This movie was recommended by one of my friends. He said that I will love this movie because it is the type of romantic-comedy that I like. Well, I postponed this movie until 2 weeks after he gave me the movie. When I saw the poster of the movie, I kind of lazy to watch it because I did not know the main cast. After those weeks I did not have many things to do, so I started to watch this movie. While watching this movie, I was kind of surprised by the casts of the movie and its plot.

Nicholas Hoult England Version lol, Sam Claflin (
Emilia Clarke (

At first, I did not know who the casts in this movie are. However, when I watched the very first scene I totally surprised. It is because the main casts are very familiar in my eyes. The main leads are Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke. I know Sam from his act in Love Rosie, and Emilia Clarke from her famous TV Series : Game of Thrones. Honestly, I did not know their real names, so when I saw the poster and read the cast, I did not have any idea who is playing in this movie. However, if you really do not know them because you only watch soap opera (for example), it doesn’t matter. You will love all the cast for sure.

Sam Claflin in this movie become a handsome-rich man that lose his desire in life because of his illness. Then, Emilia Clarke came to make him have a passion in life again. A simple plot right? But you have to watch this until its end, because you will feel your emotions mix between surprise, sadness and joy.

Look! She's chubby and cute (
Cutteeeee (

 Personally, what I really like from this movie is that Emilia Clarke acts as a cute girl who really like fashion. But her perspective about passion makes her weird. It is shown from the way she dressed. Moreover, she doesn’t like any other main actresses in most movies who are tall and sexy. Her body is not slim but it fits her. She is not tall which make her looks cute. However, how weird she is and how imperfect she is, she can catch my attention.. and also catch Sam’s heart (in this movie). lol. Therefore, for you who like romance movie, put this movie in your ‘must-watch’ list. I bet you will feel the same the way I feel. Don’t forget to be happy, all!

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