Me in the office and the cat

It is surprising when knowing that your office has a cat living there. That is what I feel for the first time I walked into my new office. When I joined to my new job, I went to the office and found out so many cats are running over. I was surprised, I didn’t expect the office could have a cat. However, I felt happy because I love cats. Here are the cats that live around my old office (now, we have moved).

1.       MEGI
Megi accompanied me in the rain of the night

She always sleep when we have a meeting and her favorite place is near laptop

Megi is a domestic cat. She lives in my old office, and she was teenager back then. I don’t know how old she is, but now she must become a beautiful grow-up cat. We call her Megi because one of my friends named Gita always taking care of her, therefore we call him Emeng Gita or in English it means Gita’s cat. When she was teenager, she was pregnant, and probably a cat which made her pregnant also lives there. She delivered two kitties but one of them died. Therefore, she only has one daughter, and I did not have a chance to name it, because I moved out to the new office. However, I make a video of her knowing that she is really curious about everything. 

2.       Si cantik

Si cantik is a cat belongs to the person next to my office. She always came and played in my office and she liked to be touched by men. She has a beautiful face and beautiful fur. Furthermore, her size also great for a domestic cat. It is not big and also not skinny. So, because of that we call her si cantik, means beautiful.

3.       Brian and tante

 They are the parents of twins who lives in my another office branch. I don’t have their pictures, but I do have picture of their children.

I think it is amazing if your office have pets. It shows that your office is not greedy or boring. The most important thing is that we (almost all employee) are taking care of them.


  1. Oooo.. Cute cats! They always say, "hoooman... feed me..." hehe.. :D

    1. "feed me or I pee in your sofa" cats type. haha


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