Sonomaresto; My First "Bukber" This Year

During this holy month, everybody is fasting from dawn to twilight. I am very excited welcoming this month. Moreover, there will be friends who ask me to have bukber (eat together when fasting is end) with them. My first experience in this year having a bukber was with my office mates. It was fun and full because we have a bukber in Sonomaresto.

            Have you been to Sonoma? It was my first time to eat there. My first impression for this restaurant is expensive. The decoration is sweet because almost all walls are wallpapered with beautiful designs as you can see in the picture below.

Photo by Nesya. J

            So, we sat together and ordered almost the same. We ordered Big black Burger. The price is 150.000 IDK. It is really expensive for a burger, but what makes this burger expensive is the size. It was really big so we divided it into 4 slices for 4 people. I love the meat in the burger. It tastes juicy but still cooked.

            For your information, Sonoma also gave us cupcakes as ta’jil and sweet teas for free, and if you want to do maghrib pray, Sonoma has a musola so you do not have to worry.

Ta'jil in Sonoma

            Moreover, it is a great place to hang out with friends and have jumbo meals. We took many photos and selfies. We had a great bukber :D

            How about you? How was your first bukber? Let me know, key :D

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