Celebrating A Belated Birthday of A Friend


When we grow up, there will be friends who stay and leave. That is natural since everybody has their own dream to reach. However, friends who still with you until now are the one that you cannot let go. I have these bunch of girls who stay with me until now. They are my colleagues. But yes, we have been separated since we graduated. I mean, we have our jobs that different to each other. Some leave the city and some stay but with the busy schedules. Then, one by one leave the old job, and join the same office to work. Well, three of my girls are continuing their study to get a bachelor degree. The rest of them, work in the same office. So, here we are celebrating belated birthday of a friend.

    It was a long trip, because we know that Mamay’s house is far away from our college and I can say that yes, it is far. Lol. You are a strong girl, May. After arrived at her home, we gave her a little surprise to celebrate her birthday. For your information, we got buy 6 free 6 for the donuts, and she knew it because we told her. Mamay and emak Riri also bought snacks for us to eat while chatting. We talked about everything, laughed together and played bekel together. Is it right for the writing of bekel? It is a play that usually is played by girls in elementary school. We just have to throw the ball and get the kewuk one by one. The ball is only allowed to bounce one time, if we don’t catch it after it bounce, we don’t go to the next level.

After that, we finally reached our hunger. Therefore, we cooked for our lunch. My girls are really passionate with cooking, but for real they are not really good at it. Haha.  Only emak riri and mamay who are experts with cooking. We just help for simple things such as cutting the onions and other technical things in cooking. As the result, you can see at the picture below.

    Those foods are originally from Bandung, and if you do not know the taste like, I tell you it was amazing. We filled our spin twice, and it made us full. After that, Rere washed all the spins that we used. It is because she was sleeping when we were cooking. We could say that it was our punishment to her. Lol. It was all done, and we took many selfies before we went home.

    Yes, I was so tired after arrived at home, but I have a great time and I don’t regret that. How about you? What do you do with your friends? Do you have a great time? Let me know 

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