My Comfortable Hijab II


Hai! It has been a long time that I did not write anything on my blog, but today I have an inspiration to give you my another hijab style. I was taking the video not long after I made “My Comfortable Hijab 1”, but I did not post it to my blog yet. This hijab style is used when I was in a college, because it only use a square veil and two pins. (When I was in a college, I don’t have any pashmina )

Here are the steps:

1. Put the veil above your head, you don’t have to fold it.
(I look like a villain from Snow White movie :/)

2. Pin the veil under your chain
Pin the veil
3. Put the veil with one is longer than the other side
(Please excuse my face)

4. Take the short veil up pass through the head, therefore the longer side will cover your chest
Take the short veil up

5. Pin the veil to make it stay still
And..don't forget to smile :)
You can use this style if you think it is comfortable for you. I think wearing a veil is just like wearing pants, you should wear the pants that make you comfortable. Therefore, if this style does not fit you, you can use any hijab style that you like. I, personally, love this style because my face does not look that chubby :D. Lastly, hope it is useful for you guys :)

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