What makes you upset?

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We as people have various issues in social. The issues are emotional thing that stick to humans. Why we are happy or sad or angry is because of something. There are different kind of things that make them emotional, for example they like cats. So, they will be happy if they play with cats. Moreover, they will be sad, if something terrible happen to the cats. Someone must have something that they like and do not like. Personally, I am type of person who can accept all people behave, because we do not know what they have been through to behave like that.

However, I have some issues with people. If I like them, I show to them nicely and if I do not like them, I will put a distance between me and them. Moreover, if someone that I do not like treat me nice, my impression for them can be changed. I am flexible. However, If they are backstabber or just show up when I am at the top of something, I will ignore them for the rest of my life. I am bad. I know. My ex said that I am too egoist. The sad thing is that he did not know that I was always giving away everything. I put his importance first, but he did not realize that. That is why I broke up with him even though we had 4 years relationship. Yes I am egoist. If something or someone did not make me happy, I left them. Because life taught me since I was in junior high school that there are always nice and kind people, but there are also a lot of mean people, who push you away and make you down. If you found out that someone you think is nice to you but s/he always made a joke of you, not bring you to her or his important events and makes you feel that it is all your fault, just leave him/her.

It is not a very big deal, but surely you are annoyed when someone make a joke of you. They are laughing at you not laughing with you. How hurts is that? When I was in junior high and senior high school, people always laughing at me because I am fat and introvert. I don’t like to talk too much with people that I do not know first. However, if I have found my real friends, I will talk a lot about everything that I have been through. People who called me an autism are surely not my friends. They are not kind people. They judge me at the first place. Still, until know, even though they are my classmates, I never say hi or greet them if I met them.

What makes me upset again, when I really closed with some girls, but they always had some events like hang out or giving a birthday surprise without me. I knew it from their social media’s updates, their talking and their photos. At school, we were four girls, but outside, they were three excluded me. Maybe they were not like to having me with them, because I was not the type of girl who they want. At that time, I cried a lot. I have no friends and I have no boyfriend. What a really bad high school experience. If people want to go back to their high school life, they must be happy at that time. If I am offered that chance, I will not take the chance. I won’t go back to my high school life.

Then, if you have a boyfriend or friend that always put a mistake on you. They blame you for something and point you that you always do a mistake. Leave them. I have one experience, that I told you earlier, that my ex always made me feel that it was my fault. Everything that made us fight, it was because of me. At first, yes I accepted to be blame, but standing it for 4 years made me sick. I have rights to be respected and I have rights to be happy. Honestly, I was sad that we broke up, but I concerned of my mental condition. If I just keep the relationship, it can be possible that I will have many disease. Because what makes you upset most of the time can make you sick, literally.

   What I want to tell you that, just be careful with people. I have the experiences that make me learn to have my own life more beautiful than ever. I have graduated, have a job, a boyfriend, and many friends who care for me. I feel bless all the time. Ignore all the things and people who always make you feel annoyance. Surely, annoyance people are countless. They are everywhere, and maybe you one of them too for someone else.  All I want to tell you that always positive, happy and be kind with other people. Love yourself first so you can make your lovely people happy.


  1. A good writing anyway. But, please, just make it as a writing! Don't try to always remember everything that makea you sad, upset, or angry. "The past is in the past"- you really know that part of song. Just apply it to your real life. Let the past go, and do your 'now' and 'future'. Just make the past as something that you have learned. Keep it up, Mpiiiiiit!!!!!!! You always my back, anyway. Muaaaaah 😘

    1. Muaaaaah emaaaakk... lol i just remembered that kind of things and wrote it down. It's ok emak, in this 2016 years, i will move on and let the past behind. :D

  2. This can relate with me too, I have much worse past experiences than you do. Good luck with your future!

    1. really? you can tell me then. I am a good reader by the way :D.


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