How Did You Manage Your Money

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Salary time must be a day that we are waiting for, because we are payed for what we’re doing and we spent our times and energy to do the work. However when it comes up to you, how many days you can survive with it? When the first time I worked, I did not clever to manage my money. Therefore, when the days still long to get another salary, my salary in that month had gone. Sometimes I just curious what did I do and what kind of things that I bought until my money just disappeared like that. Therefore, if you receive your salary, you must be smart to divide your main needs, your savings and your wants from your salary.

At the time you get your salary, you have to list anything that you need for your survive until you get your salary again. Your foods, your transportation charges, your bills, your debts (if any) and everything that can make you survive to live have to be your priority. If you are not married yet, and your parents has their own money to live they life, you just have to list anything that you need. Personally, I have to give a half of my salary to my parents since they grow old and only get the money from the small business that my father have. Therefore, besides of foods and transportation-charges that I have to fulfil, I give my money not all of them to my parents. Also, it becomes the routine that I do and the priority that I have in my money list.

Moreover, if you get your salary, make sure that you have the money that you want to save. You have to save your money for your future or something that happen suddenly. Just in case if you have an accident, you can use your savings. Therefore, you are not bother your parents or someone else about your condition. You can save your life with your own money. Moreover, if you want to get a house for your future, you can use your savings. A lot of things you can do with your savings.

Then, if you have your own money, surely you want to buy something that you want. Use your money to make you happy, since you already use your effort to get that money. I put this at the last list since it is what you want but not what you need. However, if you have a high salary and your needs are fulfilled and your savings always increase, you can buy anything that you want. Therefore, your life must be a good one.

If you are young and you have your own money, you must be have a grateful life. Just feel blessed because you already have your own money, you can do whatever you want to do and you can make people that important to you happy. Use your money in a good way and can be useful for anyone.


  1. Yup, payday is always been waiting. What makes me so impressed that you still care about your parents, giving them your money. You must be a good daughter, keep it that way. Your parents are proud to have a daughter like you :)

    1. thank you so much, I really appreciate that. :)


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