Worthy to Watch: Badoet

Badoet Poster (twitchfilm.com)
Yesterday, I watched horror movie with my friend, Riska. She told me that this movie is different from any Indonesian-horror movies. At first, I hesitated to watch it, because the last time I watched Indonesian movie in the cinema, I slept. But she showed up to me the trailer, and yes. It made me want to watch it. The title of the movie is Badoet (Clown). At the end of the movie, I can tell that this movie is not like any Indonesian movie, because it doesn’t take an urban legend story to become a movie, it doesn’t have contents of pornography and it brings up the Indonesian horror movie to international.

       Many Indonesian horror movies tell about the urban legends, such as Pocong, Kuntilanak, Sundel Bolong, Tuyul and many more. However, Awi Suryadi (Director) makes the different kind of ghost that appear in Indonesia. It is a clown. Clown is famous around the world as it shows silliness and funny to children. However, it also famous by the dark side. Therefore, many people whether they are children or adults, are scared to clown. Moreover, according to the interview in http://cinemags.id/wawancara-awi-suryadi-badoet-horor-yang-sesungguhnya/, Awi and Daniel (the actor) are scared of Clown. Because of that Awi Suryadi made the ghost of the movie as a clown.

       Not only it has a new sensation by making a clown as a ghost, but also it has an interesting plot. The plot that can be followed by many people. We as an audience were brought into the curiosity of the music box, clown, night fair and children. The questions in our minds always appear during the movie. Until they are all answered at the end of the movie.  Another best thing about this movie is even though this movie is for 17 above, but it doesn’t have pornography scene. It focuses on the genre of thriller and horror. That is why I adore this movie, because it is saved from pornography contents.

       Because it has a good plot to be followed and the ghost is familiar around the world, this movie attracts directors from India and the United States to remake this movie. Moreover, it reminds us to the movie titled “It” based on the Stephen King’s novel (1990). The horror movie genre that also make a Clown as the antagonist. Therefore, using Badoet or Clown as the ghost or an evil for the horror movie is such a great idea to be accepted by many people around the world.

       It feels amazing when we watch the movie that is worthy to watch. I felt that when I watch Badoet. After the movie ended, I clapped my hands and said that it was a good movie. A good horror movie that has amazing plot and great acts from the actors and actress. If you are Indonesian and like to watch horror, you must see this movie. If you are not Indonesia but like horror movie, try to watch this movie J



  1. Check. This movie is now become my watching list. Thank you about the review.. :)


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