What Makes Angkot Uncomfortable

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Angkot is a public transportation in Indonesia. It is an abbreviation of Angkutan Kota that has a different colour based on the route itself. The colour of angkot is various for example, angkot for Soreang until Leuwi panjang is green, Caringin until Sadang Serang is Blue and many more. Therefore, not a strange view if in Indonesia the road is full by the cars with bright colours. Many people use this transportation because it is cheap. Expensive price for an Angkot is not much than Rp. 10.000 from the start until the finish route. The price is usually flexible. If we use Angkot in short distance, we may just pay Rp.2.000 until Rp.5.000.

Although it is cheap, many people prefer use their own transportations, such as cars and motorcycles. Because in Indonesia, especially in the big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, and etc, the traffic jam is hard to avoid, so to be efficient they prefer to use their transportation. Beside the traffic jam, they do not feel comfortable using Angkot. It is because it has a little space for them to sit, many criminal activities happen inside angkot and the driver drive badly.

Angkot is a car that is modified to be an Angkot. It can bring 17 people include the driver. 17 people in a car must have a little space for the passenger. What I do not like from Angkot is that it usually insists people to sit without caring the place to sit for the person. I have one experience. One day, I took Angkot to get home, the Angkot is full of people. I thought when the driver pleased me to ride his Angkot, there was still have a space for me to sit. After I stepped in to the Angkot, there was just a little space for me. A very little space that even my butt did not fit to sit. Finally, I just stepped out from it and leave.

One thing that makes Angkot uncomfortable is many criminal activities happen in angkot. My friends had bad experiences when they used Angkot. One of my friends lost her phone in Angkot when the Angkot is full with people. It is kind of dangerous whether the Angkot is full or empty. If there are full of passenger, we must be careful and feel suspicious to everyone just in case something bad happen to us. Moreover, if the Angkot is empty, I prefer to take another Angkot, because we do not know if the driver is a good or bad person. Just stay alert if we are in Angkot.

Another thing that makes the passenger feel uncomfortable is that some drivers usually drive badly. They drive in rush without caring that they bring passengers life in their hands. Sometimes when I use angkot and have a driver like that, my heart beats so fast and I pray in my heart hoping I will be safe. However, right know I am used to it, since I always take Angkot as my transportation.

That is my opinion about Angkot. How about you? Do you feel safe in taking an Angkot as your transportation or not? Overall, I think having Angkot as public transportation is right since it is cheap and can bring you to your destination based on their routes. If the government or the person who has the Angkot business can make Angkot more comfortable for the passenger, they will surely have people’s heart to take Angkot without worried about everything that I mention above.  Just stay alert wherever you are, because we do not know when the good or the bad things come to us.


  1. Oh.. Poor Angkot.. The most favorite transportation for students..mostly.. And for they who don't have own cars/motorcycles..
    But, angkot is one of my favorite really.. I feel like I'm in Hollywood action movie while I get on this kind of car.. Such an adrenaline game. I like the driver, they are professional :D

    1. Lol. An adreanaline game.. well it's ok if it is a game, but unfortunately it's not. I am scared if i have to take an angkot with the "professional" driver. It scares me to death actually.


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