Traditional Food from Bandung : Seblak

Seblak Kerupuk+Batagor dan Seblak Mie+Jamur (Pictured by: Riska Amalia Putri)

Many places has their own food that becomes the characteristic of the place, just like Bandung. Bandung has several of food that becomes the characteristic of it, such as Batagor, Surabi, Seblak, and many more. Moreover, it attracts other people from other places to come to Bandung in order to taste the food.

The most famous one from Bandung and become the favorite one to bandung people today is seblak. When it not famous as now, seblak is only made from chips with some flavor in it. Moreover, it is known by the hot taste that comes from the chilly that we put in seblak. Moreover, this kind of food becomes famous in young people, since it is easy to find the food stuff, easy to make and tasty.

Nowadays, seblak is various. There are seblak that made from noodles mix with batagor, foot of chicken, chicken bones and many other. It is very different with traditional seblak that just use chips as the main food-stuff with green pepper and some flavor that becomes the characteristic of seblak. Because of many creative people in Bandung, they made various main food-stuff for seblak with special characteristic taste that seblak have.

Moreover, to make this seblak is very easy. You just have to prepare the main food-stuff which you can choose whatever you want, then a hot pepper, and some flavor such as onions, garlics, salt. Then, you have to make the flavor soft, fried in the pan with a little oil. Put the pepper and the food-stuff together to the pan. Give a water in the pan. Stir everything in the pan until it mix and then lift it. Pour it into the bowl. Then, eat it when it is still hot. Easy!
Even though you make seblak with different food-stuff, it still tastes like seblak since it uses the same flavor. So, whatever you make since you use the same flavor with seblak, it will tastes like one. The taste that are special and spicy. It will be great if you taste it when the situation is in rain and cold.

I love seblak. My favourite one is seblak with chips and batagor as the main food-stuff. Moreover, the great situation to eat this food is when seblak still hot with the situation around you is cold. It is such a glimpse of heaven. Try one, and you will want it more and more. 

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