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We as a girl must be have a dream to find our right princes. However, we live in this 20’s era and everything is so modern. That is why maybe the prince that we have dreamed is not riding his white horse any more, but probably he’s riding a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Still his attitude towards us is more important than looking only from his money. Money is important, girl but hey attitude is way more important. To find the real prince in this era, I will give you some tips based on my perspective J

·     He has more experiences in life than yours.
A prince must protects his princess and that is the thing that he has to do. If he has more experience, he must know what is right and what is wrong, then he can lead you to be better. Moreover, if anything terrible happens to you, he knows what he should do. You must feel secure when you are with him and you can depends on him, because the real man will be very happy if he is given a responsibility which means that he is trusted.

·     He is nice to everybody
Underline: nice to everybody means that he was nice to everyone not based on the gender. If he was nice only with his girl-friends just blacklist him. It means that he is not a prince or the real man. You should think that if he was nice to everybody it will not be possible that your parents or your friends will like him at their first glances. So you have not to worry about the acceptance of him in your circles like in your family and your friends. Everything will be flow nicely if you are nice.

·     He knows what his plan for his future
Being with someone who does not know what he will do for his future is totally a shame. If you are still with him you will get nothing from him. There will be a target that he wants to achieve and you must sure that you are also involved in his target. Therefore, it must be sure that he wants to spend all his time just being with you.

Those are the main tips if you want to find a prince in this era. I have found one and I can give you those tips because of my boyfriend has all things that I have told you. He is my prince in this era. He is not riding a Lamborghini but he can take me everywhere, and he does not have a body like Superman but he can protects me. Moreover, he is not that rich but he can makes me want to be with him forever. Therefore, try to found one for you, do not really selective and keep being you no matter what.

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