The Reasons Why I love Taeyeon Girls Generation Better Than The Other Members


Kim Taeyeon
Everyone must have someone to become their inspirations in life, either he is your friends or family or celebrities. I have one whom I adore a lot since I was still in Senior High School. She is a member of a famous girl band in this world, and she is the leader. Her name is Kim Taeyeon. Yes, you might know her well. I adore her because she always look pretty even though she changes her hair colours or her hair styles. Because I very admire her, I cover her when I was still dancing. My group is covering Girls Generation’s dance. Therefore, my group has nine member just like Girls Generation, and I was chosen to be Taeyeon. I am so happy back then, because I can represent her trough myself. She is my inspiration, because she is pretty, have a good voice and unique.
 She is part of Girls Generation girl band, and everybody knows that they are all beautiful. However, I think Taeyeon is more beautiful than other Girls Generation’s members. Don’t take it seriously, it is just my opinion. To judge that someone is beautiful or not is depends on our perspectives. Beautiful is relative. Why I think she is beautiful, because she is natural. The way she changes her hair color or her hairstyle is always fit to her face. Moreover, she has a baby face. So, even though she is 26 six years old now, she still looks like 20 years old. That is why I like her beauty.
   In Girls Generation, she is the leader and the lead singer which means that she is multi-talented. She can lead her group to be the top of other girl bands. Also, she has a beautiful voice that become her characteristic. She can sing every song that has a high note in it. Personally, I love it when her voice in the high note, I feel suddenly frightened. I don’t know about you, but I feel that honestly.
 Then, she is unique. The way she talk and laugh, it is just unique and sweet. She is older actually but she acts like a kid. Usually, people when they are older but they act are not different as kids are annoying. However, because she has that beautiful face, it just makes her cuter than ever. I love her expressions when she is not in serious mode. I love her when she is laughing, and showing her real expressions.
  Honestly and probably, I will always love her as her fans and she will become my inspiration in my life. Because, when I want to be fashionable, I will look her styles, and whenever she changes her hair styles, I will try one of them. Still I will look her styles that fit in me. She inspires me, but I will not lose myself just because I want to be like her. I love myself the way I am and I think, she helps me to be better.

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