The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Disney Movie That is Not Appropriate for Children

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (
 Disney movie as we know have produced many movies that appropriate for families. Therefore, many parents will not be worried if their children are watching Disney movie. I also like watching Disney movie since I was a kid until now. What I like about Disney movie is that the movie always present the great meaning with great story line. Moreover, the adults scenes are not appear in Disney movie besides the kissing scene. We can see that in the animation movie that Disney produce. They are Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, A Little Mermaid and many more.

However, there is one movie that I think it should not be watched for children. It is the Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was made based on the gothic-romance novel by Victor Hugo. The story is dark and have violence in it. When I was a kid, I just watched the movie, without understanding about the story. I just love the character and the song of the movie. However, when I watched again at my teen age, I just realized that the story is so dark that is not appropriate for children. The graphic, the princess, and the story in this movie is not like the usual Disney movie ever.

If we take a look from the graphic of the movie. It has a great graphic that the Notre Dame building looks real. Moreover, in some scenes of the movie, the environment of Paris is totally beautiful. However, the graphic of scene where many gypsy were dancing are too detailed. Even if we look at them deeply, the body and the movement are too sexy for children.

Then, the princess in this movie is a beautiful gypsy. The princess in this movie is not like any other princesses in other movies. She is called Esmeralda. The beautiful girl with black wavy hair, sexy skin and nice body attracts many audience to watch it. Not in the story that she has many fans but also in the real life. Her talents and attitude makes the judge Frollo, the antagonist of this movie really obsessed with her. He wants her to be his own, and if she does not want to, he prefer to burn her. A sadistic character ever that appear in Disney movie. Therefore, we can know that Esmeralda is really attractive with her beauty.

Besides from the characters, the story of this movie is too dark and complicated for the children, with some scenes show the cruelty of functionary against the hunch back and gypsy. It shows the real scene that happen around us, such as the humiliation of disabled person, discrimination of races and annihilation by the name of religion. Something that is really worthy to watch for people who understand. If it is given to children, they might not understand fully to the story itself.

I do not say that this is a bad movie. It is not proper to seen by children since they do not know yet the cruelty of the real life. It is good movie if the target audience is not for children. Honestly, this movie is my favourite for the first time I saw it. I love the songs of the movie and I love Esmeralda. She is extremely beautiful.   If you watch this movie at your age now, you may see her different. Not only beautiful but also attractive. 

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