The Characteristics of people based on their places

Me and Hansamo Family
I am glad that I have many friends with different characteristics. Since I usually stay in 3 different places, I have met so many people who become of my friends. Furthermore, I see the common things between people in one place. So, I compare with my friends in a different place, and they are totally different. My friends in campus usually say “Have you done with your homework?” My friends in my neighbourhood always ask “When will you get married?” and my friends in BKC (Bandung Korea Community/Hansamo) usually say “Super Junior is the greatest boy bands ever” From that, I can group my friends based on the place into 3 groups friends in campus, friends in my neighborhood and friends in BKC.

My friends in campus have their own characteristics. Most of them are active people who join many activities in campus. In their appearance, most of them wear a veil and do not seems like to care about their fashion-styles. In their emotions, I know that they are all sensitive people, because they are easy to mad. For example, if I do not say hello to one of the people in class, she/he will thing that I do not like her/him or I hate her/him. So, she/he will not talk too much to me. Furthermore, most of their talks is about campus and assignments.

              My friends in my neighbourhood, are not interested in academic study. Most of them stop study in Junior High School, then they are working or they get married. Therefore, they focus on finding a good husband or wife candidate, because they believe a good partner in the future will change also their future to be better. However, they are all very polite, because their minds and behaves still stick to the tradition/ For instance, women are not allowed to wake up in a day light or speak rudely. They must have a good behaviour to attract the men.

              Different from all of my friends in campus and in my neighbourhood, my friends in Bandung Korea Community (Hansamo) come from many places who gather in one community. The community is a place for people who like everything about Korea. Everything about Korea, such as their language, their drama and their boy bands and girl bands are the most common discussion in BKC. In their appearance, all pf my friends in BKC are very fashionable. Also, they are in high social status. Hence they like to study abroad and have a holiday in foreign country. Nevertheless, what I like from them, they are not arrogant.  Their talks are mostly all about Korea and their jokes are really hurtful. So, sensitive people are not belong in this place.

              There are so many characteristics that I have met from all of my friends. However, the characteristics of people in one place are mostly common. Furthermore, I have to adapt to those situations. I am not allowed to be a sensitive person in BKC, because I will be easy to hurt by their jokes. So, all jokes and talks that are used by my friends show their characteristic.

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