Taylor Swift : The Background of her songs

       As we know, Taylor Swift is a talented singer. Her voices is easy to listen. Moreover, she writes all her songs. Until now, she always get many awards from her songs. The first time I listened to her songs was when I was in Senior High School. I love the melody that usually uses guitar as the instruments. Moreover, the lyrics was really fit for the teenager. Most of her songs tell about romance between a boy and a girl. Furthermore, the characteristic of her songs is that the lyrics are written based on her real love story. Therefore, we as the listener may know for who the songs is written from the song lyrics.

       Her song lyrics usually just like a narrative. So, she tries to tell her story with her boyfriend through the lyrics. What a smart girl, right. She wrote the lyrics special for her ex boyfriends. Moreover, every song’s album that she wrote surely has one special song that is special written for special person. There are three songs which is famous because she wrote for her ex. They are Forever and Always for Joe Jonas, Back to December for Taylor Lautner, and I Knew You were Trouble for Harry Styles.

       In her Fearless album, there is one song that she confessed it was written for Joe Jonas, who broke up their relationship on phone. According to Djajengminardo and Santi (2013), Swift admitted that she was very happy to have a relationship with Joe Jonas. It seemed that Swift really fell in love for him. However, their relationship had to be ended after two months, because Joe was attracted to an actress, named Camilla Belle who played in Jonas Brother’s video clip, entitled love bug. Joe, who is also famous because of his playboy image, called Swift to end their relationship.

       In her Speak Now album, one song shows her regrets for being selfish in relationship with Taylor Lautner, a wolf boy from Twilight the movie and her partner in Valentine ’s Day the movie. After the making of the movie finished, they admitted to the media that they were dating. However, the relationship end up badly, because Swift did not treat him right. The relationship that only lasted for two months since October until December 2009 gave her a lesson about what should she does in having a relationship. According to Still (2010), it is in Back to December song that Swift apologized to someone for the first time

The last is her relationship with one of the member of popular boy band from United Kingdom. He is Harry Styles from One Direction. I Knew You were Trouble is written by Taylor Swift for Styles. Swift found out that her relationship with Styles only gave her a heart break. According to Djajengminardo and Santi (2013), she assumed that he was a trouble. Did not accept of being called a trouble, Styles dare to say to the media that he regret for having relationship with her.

This song tells about Swift’s feeling of hurt in her failed relationship with Styles. The lyric describes how Styles’ attitudes toward her. It is stated that Styles is really a trouble for her. However, it is mentioned that Swift knew that he is a bad person but she still wanted to be close with him. As the result, she got hurt. The theme that can be taken from this song is that you should not play with something or someone whom you know it or he is dangerous for you

There are three popular songs from Taylor Swift which is written based on her real life. Although all the songs are mostly tell about her love story, she can make the listeners keep listen to her songs. What I really like from her is that she can make her own story into good songs. She inspires me to create anything based on what I have been through in my life. Therefore, when she can turn her story into a good songs, I also can make my personal experience into a good writing. 


  1. The boy who really hate his past20 November 2015 at 20:55

    Back to December.. I also have a memory about that song.. When first I broke up with someone.. And it was really hurt, I feel it 'till now.. I just don't want hear that song anymore because it makes me remember of someone who I really love left me with another guy and did something terrible..really. :)

    1. I am sorry to hear that, you must be so sad, but try to move on. Your ex must have reasons why she left you.

      Just think that now you have time for your friends and introspection. Be a better man to get a better woman :)

  2. Thank you.. But it's hard to move on. She was my first love at the first sight.. Now I know why Taylor Swift has so much boyfriends.. Besides she's beautiful, she used them all as her inspirations and now she is famous as hell..
    Aaah.. Woman! :D

    1. Lol. Just find one like Taylor Swift, maybe you will be her inspiration :D


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