Preparing when the rain comes


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Nowadays, my country is in rainy season. Personally, I feel happy because the earth becomes fresh after the rain fall. This Sunday I had plans because there are many things to do; I want to go to the anniversary of my community (Hansamo), then go to Bandung Indah Plaza to buy sport shoes and last attend festival in Bandung. However, the realization is I did not go anywhere, because it was rain all day. I did not blame the rain, probably I can make my plans happen next time. Probably some of you do not like rain because it is cold, everything becomes wet and ruins your plan. Well, there are side effects from rain. I also do not like the parts of ruins the plan. Therefore, you should prepare when the rain comes. Here are some tips for you when your country is in rainy season.

1.       Don’t forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat
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We cannot expect the exact time when the rain fall, but at least we bring something that protect us from rain. So that our clothes or shoes are not wet. Moreover if we want to go to someplace, we are protected by umbrella or raincoat.

2.       Wear a thick jacket
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When the rain fall, the atmosphere around becomes cold. Therefore, you should wear a thick jacket. It protects you from cold. Do not make the rain a reason for you to be sick.

3.       Bring a slipper
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When you wear high heels from your work and rain start to fall, everything must be so slick. It will be a nightmare for you when you have to walk far in rain wearing your high heels. Therefore, I suggest you to bring a sandal. It very comfortable for you to walk. Furthermore, you do not have to worry if the slipper is wet, because it is very easy to wash.

4.       Be patient

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If you have been prepared everything but the rain fall so bad, and you think it is not good for you to be out there, then don’t. It is ok if your plans are cancelled because of the rain. You can do it next time. Moreover, just believe that it will be better for you to do your plans later.

Rain can be bad or good depends on our perspectives. Don’t hate the weather, because it makes our earth more beautiful. You just have to prepare if the weathers come. Because one weather is different from another. One suggestion from me, love what happens natural. Keep going and smile everybody.


  1. The suggestion number 3, it's not totally correct right? Sandal (slipper) is literally more slippery right? ha ha.. because I often slip if wear sandal anyway, especially in rainy weather.
    Sorry, my comment is lot of grammar NAZI.

    Keep being creative and write more!

    1. Haha that's ok . well, it can be accepted or not, it's up to you. i just think that a slipper or sandal is easy to clean if it is wet. Moreover, i think it is very comfortable to wear. Anyway, thank you for reading my article :)


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