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A relationship between man and woman who are falling in love may become the greatest, beautiful thing that can be happened. Surely a healthy relationship make the couple feel happy and secure. It feels that they have someone important and special that can make her or his day wonderful. Every time and every day you just want to be with your someone special without caring about other people. It feels like this world is just made for you two. Very beautiful, isn’t it?

However, if we have a relationship and really in love. We should care and see the situation.  It will give a bad reaction if we show off our relationship to other. It can make them feel uncomfortable when they see our behavior as a couple. Since the culture in Indonesia is really different with the west culture, people will see bad to people who are not married yet but act like they had, for example acting intimate with partner or kissing in public. However, love is love and relationship is relationship. Sometimes they do not notice that they act can make other uncomfortable. Therefore, people who show off their love to her/his partner, someone who act just friend in public and someone who really ignore their partner in public are the types of people’s behave in Indonesia.

Someone who always kiss and act intimate with their partner in public is someone who likes to show off. She likes to show her/his love to her/his partner without caring the situation and the place. It is make them happy because they can show their love everywhere and every time. However, if we are in the position of someone who just broke up and saw a very romantic couple, what you will think? Happy or sad? Sad of course. Is that what you want by show off you love to your boyfriend, you want to see other people sad? Of course not, right? Therefore, just stay cool or at least don’t be over react with your partner when you are in public.

Then, there are people who just saw as a friend in public. This is the most style that Indonesian people always act. This is the normal type of a couple. They do not over to show their love, just act like a friend can make them feel happy. They just hold their hands and laugh. They usually go to cinema and have a dinner.  It doesn't make any people jealous or uncomfortable with them, because they notice and realize how to act in public. If you are having a relationship, try to be this type. You will happy because you are with him/her and other people also will happy since you are not overreacted.

Moreover, there is one people that probably hurt the partner because they ignore their partners just not to make other people feel disturbed or uncomfortable with them. They just think about how other people think without thinking about the partner. This type is rarely seen, but it is happened, because I and my friends experienced this type of relationship. Therefore, we just show our love and care when we are alone.

It is ok if we want to show our love to our partner since we know when and where we have to show it. We do not live alone in this world. There are many kind of people that will always look at the bad thing than just see the good thing about us. Therefore, whichever the styles that you have when you are in relationship, if it makes you happy and not harm anyone, just do it and be yourself.

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