Movie Review: Serigala Terakhir

Serigala Terakhir (

Serigala Terakhir. If you are looking for Indonesian movie with enormous act, go and see Serigala Terakhir. This movie is acted by many famous actors in Indonesia, such as Vino G basian, Fathir Muchtar, Reza Pahlevi and many more. This action movie is directed by Upi Avianto.

This movie begins with the friendship among Ale, Jarot, Sadat, Jago and Lukman who always together and protect each other. The place of the story has taken in the middle of Jakarta, a metropolitan and glamorous city, but it also has a bad side with its criminality, gangs and drug selling. One day, Ale’s gang plays football in an area. As a gangster, they play football rudely and get them into a trouble. Finally, because of their rudeness, their opponent tries to kill Ale with knife, but Jarot protects Ale by hitting the opponent’s head with a big stone which made the opponent dead. Because of that, Jarot has to stay in the jail. His life in the jail is very hard and make him suffer. Moreover, none of his friends come to visit him. So, he thinks that his friends forget everything which he had done for them.

When Jarot gets the freedom, Fatir, the mute man who is always underestimated by Ale’s gang, picks him up. Now, Fatir is a member of “Naga Hitam” community. He joins that the community because he wants to revenge and prove to Ale’s gang that even though he is a mute person, he can be very cruel to everyone who underestimate him. Therefore, because Jarot is very disappointed and angry to his friends, he decides to join “Naga Hitam” community which is the drugs-distributor, and the enemy of Ale’s gang. Knowing that Jarot joins”Naga Hitam”, Ale thinks that he betrayed his own gang and his best friends.

Moreover, one by one from both gangs are murdered. There is only Ale who still alive from Ale’s gang, because all of his friends have murdered by Fatir. Jarot and Ale who was best friend each other must fight to know who is the last wolf will survive.

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