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In doing relationship, we must be smart to make our relationship fun and not boring. If you have a relationship for at least a year, you must do something different to make your relationship alive. So, you and your partner will not feel tired of your relationship. Therefore, I can give you tips so you can have your relationship longer until you marry.

1.       Be friends with your partner’s family member
Family is the closest member for a person. He can grow up well and become the gentleman because of them. Try to get along with them. Even though their behave make you did not like them, just try. Just think that if you want to be with him forever, you have to accept his family too.

2.       Do something positive with your boyfriend
If you like charity, try to ask your boyfriend to do the same as you do or you can do blood donor in your anniversary. It is a great idea. Since you are happy in celebrating your anniversary, you can make your anniversary useful for some people who need blood. Therefore, just do something positive that can make you guys important and useful for other people.

3.       Record everything you have done with your boyfriend
When you have a dinner with him or just hang out, make sure that you have record all of them using your camera. You may have many photos with your boyfriend, and it can be a barrier for you to break up. Since you have many things that have memories of you two, your relationship will become stronger and stronger.

4.       Travelling with your boyfriend
You and your boyfriend must have a routine that make you guys stress. Try travelling and have a holiday with your boyfriend. It can make your relationship fun and make your stress disappear. At least by travelling you can feel happy and relax. Moreover, If you travel a lot with your boyfriend, your love will not disappear by the time.

5.       Plan everything for your future with him
Making a plan can be a better idea than do not know what your two plans for the future. Try to decide when you will get married and where the honeymoon that you want to go with him. Anything that you want to do with him in the future. Although it is just a plan, at least you have a plan. It is better than none.

Those are tips that I can give to you. Those tips are based on my experience. Moreover, don’t make your relationship boring. Try something new with your boyfriend. Try to talk with each other by heart to heart. What do you feel and what does he feels are more important, because communication is the key for the relationship. Hope it is useful for you guys.


  1. Have you ever done all of them with your BF? I bet you made point 3, 4, and 5 as the higher priority and did them more often. Did you have any plan to marry him? when? Has he ever proposed to you? Your BF must be a handsome guy 'cause you're a beautiful girl. :)

  2. Yup, all of them. He likes talking more than I do actually. So, he always plans everything that comes up in his mind which making me feel special. Yes, I do have a plan to marry him of course. Soon hopefully :)

  3. Hope you'll happy forever after.. :)


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