How was your High School?

 Everyone must have a beautiful moment in high school. Friendship, love, and future mostly are begun when we are in High School. Many people even say that there is no place as fun as in High School. How about you? Do you agree with those statements? Well, different people may have different perspective about high school. Just like me. Personally, I do not really like my high school life. I am an introvert person and I tried to be as normal as I could. However it did not work out.   Furthermore, what I hate from my high school is the people.

There are many various kind of people whom we met in High School. Some people are nice and most people are mean. That is what I saw in High School. Because I have passed from High School and spent almost 3 years without them. I can tell you the people from High School that are mostly seen in every High School. There are 3 types of people that always appear in high school. They are the nerdy, common, and popular people.

The nerdy people always have their own worlds. I can say that they are unique. They usually love something in extraordinary way. For example, they love anime, so they learn the language deeply and their talks do not go far from their favorite anime. They usually hang out with the same people with the same hobbies. Moreover they do not really care about their styles or fashion. Therefore, this kind of people is easy to find, because most style that they have is wearing eye-glasses with faultlessly dressed. However, the nerd people usually are good in class. They have spirit in learning something. Mostly this kind of people is studious. Furthermore, they are welcome if other people come to them. We can say that this group is the nice one.

The standard people is the common people we met in High School. They doesn’t so smart in class but they did what the teacher said. They doesn’t like to be a centre of attention. They usually have friends that are same with them such as in same neighbour, same junior high school and same lessons place. This kind of people is a normal people in high school. Some of them are nice and some of them are backstabber. Just be careful when you are in High School.

The last group of people who is familiar in high school is the popular one. This group also had two sides, they are people with a good popularity and people with a bad popularity. The people in good popularity are the people who makes all student want to be like them. Usually, they are good-looking, clever and active in the organization. Most teachers also like them, because they can judge that they will have a bright future. Another popular group is a group with bad behavior. All of students and teacher know them, because their behavior usually disturb the situation in class. Moreover, students and teacher judge them like they will not have a bright future.

When I was in high school probably I was in the nerdy group of people, because at that time I only comfortable with people who has the same hobby as mine. Until now, my friends from high school can be counted with my finger. What I want to say to you is that it is good if you have real friends since you are in High School and have many excited experiences with them. However, what I get from it is that I can know what kind of people they are. It is fine that you have friends with all people, but still you have to be smart to know your real friends.  


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