A Horror Legend: Thursday Night

Indonesian's Ghost (t12.devianart.net)

There are many scary urban legends in Indonesia. It can be seen from the ghosts that are various and people’s belief on something illogical. There is a belief for Indonesian people that Thursday night is when many ghosts are trying to make them visible for us. Therefore, many horror stories in Indonesia happen on Thursday night.

Many people in Indonesia must know that there is something spiritual happen on Thursday night. It is because many horror story always happen on that night, such as Kuntilanak, Sundel Bolong, Pocong, Babi Ngepet and many more. Many horror and scary things always happen on Thursday night, because it sticks with the legend, the story and the ghost.

The legend that appears in Indonesia shows that Thursday night has something spiritual that can make people see the creature from other world. Many legends and important events happen in this day, such as the legend of Kuntilanak and important event of the prophets. However, not many proofs that this day has spiritual things, since there is not a good thing to believe in some kind of thing like that. But still, when I google it, many people share their horror stories that happen on Thursday night.

Many people has their own scary experiences that most of them happen on that day or they usually post the horror thing on that day. Until it becomes famous by the Medias, such as radio, channel television, and social Medias that always post something scary or tell horror story to the audience. Moreover, when the cinema is launching the horror movie, it is always launched on that day.

The scariest thing is the ghost. Indonesia has many various kind of ghost. As I have written above that the legend of Kuntilanak happen on Thursday night. It is told that she was pregnant and born children in the grave. However, the children is not live longer and so did she. So, she was dead with the children in the grave on Thursday night that made her an evil spirit. Therefore, she will hunting any children to accompany her in the other world. Therefore, for a young woman who newly born a children, should be careful when the Thursday night coming.

I know it is just a mystery and not always happen a scary thing on that day. We just have to be careful because the certain thing is that we are not alone in this world. There are some hidden creatures that we cannot see, but they can see us. I do believe that. What about you? The answer is for your own live guys .

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  1. Scary things of my children. No, I don't believe that. Because it's only metaphysics phenomenon. The appearance of scary creature that we recognize exist in our mind because of suggestion, so they are drawn on our imagination. Different from other country, pocong, kuntilanak aren't even scary. They don't recognize them. They have another name and appearance for these creature, vampire, dracula, mummy, and so on and so on.... :)


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