3 Simple Things to Make You Beautiful


Michelle Phan (static4.businessinsider.com)

Every girl and woman wants to look beautiful. They like to be the centre of attention and get a compliment from boy or man. If you are girl but tomboy, it is ok. You have your own way to make other curious with you. However, I have tips for you who do not really confident with yourself. There are three things that you should be done if you want to attract other people to get close with you.

1.       Make Up
It is not a secret anymore that make up can make us beautiful. Personally, I don’t like to use make up on my face, but when I have to perform in front of many people, I have to put it on my face. Honestly, my face become beautiful. There is no acne or dark circles seen on my face. Until when I have a job, I try a simple make up, such as use face powder and lipstick. If you are a woman who not really interested in wearing make-up, you just have to own three things that have to be put on your face. There are face powder, mascara and lipstick. Those things will make your face brighten. Moreover you will not look pale for a whole day

2.       Wear your comfortable suits
Wear shirts, skirts or pants that fit to your body and can tell what kind of person you are. Do not wear shirts that are too big or too small for your body, because if you wear shirts or pants that are too tight or small for you, you will not feel comfortable and so do the people who see you. Just make sure that you wear something that makes you comfortable and makes people love to see you wearing that.

3.       Be Healthy
Healthy is number one, because it effects to your face. From now on try to eat more vegetables and fruit than meats. Moreover, you have to spend your time for exercising to make your body in the proper weight. Try to spend only two hours for exercise.  Whatever kind of work out you do, just try to do it for two hours. Only two hours in a week. However, you have to be consistent when want to exercise.

The important thing is do what makes you feel comfortable. Moreover, avoid stress or anything that make you unhappy. Do something that makes you happy and feel comfortable. Therefore other people will see your beauty.

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